Circular Polarisers (CPL)

21 Mar 2014

It all started from a mini chit-chat with my colleague, Eric, about CPLs, as he was considering whether or not to buy a circular polariser. The conversation eventually morphed into a “If I buy a B+W CPL, can we ask Jon to sponsor the Chromage CPL in return for a review?”

The outcome: we can borrow the Chromage CPL, but we still have to do a review.

Anyway, we decided to head down to Harbourfront to shoot cranes as well as test out all the different CPLs (Chromage, B+W MRC Slim, and B+W MRC KSM Nano), as well as one which I currently have, the Tian Ya CPL. However, we couldn’t find a good vantage point for shooting the cranes despite shooting since morning. However, the outcome was that the B+W polarisers gave a stronger polarising effect than the Chromage one.

In the end, we climbed Mt Faber Park to the top to take some pictures (no decent results too) in order to play around with the ND filters and Cokin GNDs which my friend had lent to me the weekend before. The photo below was taken with a Cokin GND 8 to darken the skies a little. It was still a pretty good view despite the trees blocking Keppel Terminal and the view of Pasir Panjang.