Reunion Show

02 Aug 2015

Reunion show is finally over. I have uploaded this set of works, titled “Mathematics”, to this website, and it can be viewed under “Personal Works”.

I am really thankful for the opportunity to exhibit this set of works, a byproduct of 6 months worth of planning. Talking to fellow JSH photographers has made me acknowledge that this set of works is by no means complete - I still have a lot more knowledge to acquire and so, with time, I hope that a more enlightened understanding will help me to make this set of works more holistic.

Mathematics may not the most fascinating thing to put into pictures, but it’s something that has radically changed the way I think and my outlook of life ever since I started university. Hence, it means a lot to me. So, I thought I’d try turning it into a body of work. To be honest, when I initially told the mentor, Joe, of what I planned to do, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Besides being stuck with lack of creativity, another obstacle was finding the balance between aesthetics and technicality. In the first place, would people even be interested to know about Math, or what I have to say about it?

It took me many months of thinking before I could finally settle and draft out what I would like the final product to look like. I sincerely hope that people will be able to appreciate it, although it is rather abstract.

I also hope to produce more sets of personal works, so keep a lookout for any projects that I will be embarking on!